Vladimir Ribakov’s sRs Trend Rider Forex Trading System

See How Vladimir Ribakov’s sRs Trend Rider Forex Trading System Identifies Low Risk, High Probability Trades… And Helps You Ride The Trend For HUGE Profits!

We all know trading Forex is best done when you trade with the trend.  But sometimes knowing the best time to enter the trend and how to hold on for maximum profits eludes us. This is where the sRs Trend Rider system comes in…

  • “HYBRID” Strategy Combines The Best Of Automated And Manual Forex Trading
  • sRs Indicator Is Ultra-Accurate At Identifying Safe Entries!
  • Alert System Lets You Know When To Check For Potential Trades (You Don’t Have To Watch The Markets)!
  • The sRs Template Makes Setting Up Your Charts A Snap!
  • The sRs Trade Management Robot Manages The Trade For You! (MY FAVORITE FEATURE)

The best way to see the ease and power of Vladimir’s sRs Trend Rider System is to see it in action.

Watch This Video Of A GBPUSD Trade Using The sRs Trend Rider “Hybrid” System…

Click Here To Start Riding The Trend To Profits!

My name is Edward Lomax, and this site was created to share with you the experience I’ve had with Vladimir Ribakov’s sRs Trend Rider System.I hope the information I provide helps you decide if this “hybrid” Forex trading strategy is right for you.  Please access the information below to learn more about this trading system that combines the best of automated trading with manual trading…

The 3 Biggest Reasons I Like Vladimir’s sRs Trend Rider Forex System…

The sRs Template, Alert And Indicator Are Easy To Set Up And Use…

The last thing you need is to complicate your trading with overloaded charts, indicators and flashing lights.  What you really need is a simple to install and simple to understand Forex trading system that helps you identify high profit trades following the trend. And that is exactly what you get with sRs Trend Rider!

After simple installation on your Metatrader4 platform, you use the template given to create charts like this…

And that’s all you need to start trading the trend!

Click Here To Get Started With sRs Trend Rider

The sRs “Human Eye Rule”…

There are a lot of Forex trading systems out there that give you an alert, or draw an arrow on your charts and you are just supposed to blindly place the trade.  But do you really want to just BLINDLY place trades because of the indicators? I for one want to have more control over my trading!

This is where Vladimir’s “Human Eye Rule” comes into play…

When you get a pop up alert and an arrow is drawn on your chart, you know there is a trade in the near future.  But you just don’t hit the “BUY” or “SELL” button. Vladimir teaches you how to look at PRICE ACTION to determine the BEST ENTRY and STOP LOSS!

This combination of sophisticated indicators telling you when the market is ripe for trading PLUSusing price action for exact entries and stop loss is what sets the sRs Trend Rider system apart from the rest!

Get Started Riding The Trend Now!

The sRs Trade Management Robot…

This is my absolute favorite thing about the sRs Trend Rider system! The sRs Trade Management Robot manages the trade for you once it is placed… according to Vladimir’s proven and tested exit strategy! Once you set up the trade, the Trade Management Robot does the rest.

I want to you to think about how important this is…

In my opinion, there are MANY successful trading systems out there that traders RUIN because they don’t know how to EXIT the trade. They get into a trade that starts out a winner… and they watch it turn into a loser.  And the hard truth is it is not the  trading system that is flawed… but their application of it!

But this does not happen with sRs Trend Rider.Once you place the entry and stop loss, the sRs Trade Management Robot takes over and manages the trade according to the RULES.  No thinking, no emotion and no greed to mess up the trade. (I think this feature alone is going to be responsible for more trader being successful with this system than others they may have tried)!


Click Here To Get Vladimir’s sRs Trend Rider Forex System

For more information, check out my: sRs Forex Trend Rider Blog


6 Responses to Vladimir Ribakov’s sRs Trend Rider Forex Trading System

  1. Shamik Chaudhury says:


    I had just bought but do not see the download link

    and therefore unable to download and install

    Can you email me the download link

    I have already received the activating code


    Shamik Chaudhury

  2. Admin says:

    Hello Shamik,
    I congratulate you on your purchase. My site is about my experience with sRs Trend Rider. To get the download link, you need to contact Vladimir here: http://www.srstrendrider.com

    Use the contact address there and Vlad will take care of it for you.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Dave in NC says:

    so, how has your experience been up to date? this past month has been choppy to me. thanks!

  4. Admin says:

    Yes, this past month has been choppy. Since this is a trend following system, conditions are not the best. Taking profit at half the stop loss distance has helped to get at least some profit on some trades. When the market starts trending again, profits will be better.


  5. Anisah says:


    I face the same problem as shamik.
    I receive the license code for SRS trend rider but not the download link.
    I have written but no response to ‘contact@srstrendrider.com’

    Can you assist?


  6. Admin says:

    After purchase you should have been taken to the download page. Go to your clickbank receipt. There usually is a link there that will take you to the clickbank order and a button to click to download the product.

    As you probably know, this site is about my experience with the product, but I am not the product creator, therefore, I cannot help any more than this.

    If you can’t access the download page through your clickbank receipt, keep trying the support email.

    Hope this helps.

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